Illex Baby Deraball

Illex Baby Deraball


Artikelnummer: 67994/25-20


The Baby DeraBall is a cross between a shad and crank bait creating a hybrid soft lure best classed as a swimbait. The compact, dense ball design casts brilliantly and imitates a range of prey fish. Perfect for skipping round snags and obstructions. A straight retrieve generates a tight swimming action that is a sure trigger for any predators holed up in vegetation cover of undercut banks. The lure was originally designed for fishing relatively shallow areas but there is nothing stopping you adding a free running tungsten bead. Our ingenious Line Through system enables the lure to ride up the line along the internal plastic tubing during a fight. Comes with a top quality triple hook that is held in the lure by two whipped prongs.

ArtikelEanActieKleurModelGrootte (mm)Gewicht (g)Diepte
679943297830679941WobblingClear AyuZinkend60110.05-0.30m
679953297830679958WobblingGhost PerchZinkend60110.05-0.30m
679963297830679965WobblingMutant FrogZinkend60110.05-0.30m
679973297830679972WobblingChartreuse Strike GillZinkend60110.05-0.30m
679993297830679996WobblingJungle tigerZinkend60110.05-0.30m



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Clear Ayu, Ghost Perch, Mutant Frog, Chartreuse Strike Gill, Tonosama, Jungle Tiger


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