Illex Dowz Skimmer 220 SF

Illex Dowz Skimmer 220 SF


Artikelnummer: 40954/29-20


The DOWZSWIMMER 220 SF is a three section lure featuring a large tail designed for attracting specimen sized black bass, pike and catfish. The design is very realistic and pays great attention to detail around the gills and fins and our RT (Real Type) colours perfectly imitate prey fish. The lure has a natural S type action on straight retrieves but will shoot off erratically if jerked. The lure is dense enough for accurate distance casting and is great for exploring shallow areas like in and around weedbeds or sunken structures. There is a second eyelet on the mouth so you can add a John weight to fish the lure deeper. The tail is elasticised to further emphasise the natural swimming motion. This is a lure guaranteed to grab the attention of big predators!

ArtikelEanActieKleurModelGrootte (mm)Gewicht (g)DiepteHaak
409543297830409548S ActionRT Silver HeraDrijvend2201020.05-1.3mST36BC#1/0 / ST36BC#1/0
409553297830409555S ActionRT PikeZinkend2201020.05-1.3mST36BC#1/0 / ST36BC#1/0
619683297830619688S ActionVisible TroutDrijvend2201020.05-1.3mST36BC#1/0 / ST36BC#1/0
619693297830619695S ActionRT Biwako BassDrijvend2201020.05-1.3mST36BC#1/0 / ST36BC#1/0
259693297830259693S ActionHL Ghost SmeltDrijvend2201020.05-1.3mST36BC#1/0 / ST36BC#1/0
409563297830409562S ActionRT PerchZinkend2201020.05-1.3mST36BC#1/0 / ST36BC#1/0



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RT Silver Hera, RT Pike, Visible Trout, RT Biwako Bass, HL Ghost Smelt, RT Perch, RT Pirhana


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