Illex Rerange 130 SP MR

Illex Rerange 130 SP MR


Artikelnummer: 62623/42-20


The Rerange 130 medium Runner Suspending is the latest in our series of Rerange lures for freshwater and sea situations. These lures are the result of close collaboration between the Illex team and Koichi Fujimatsu, lure designer at Jackall. The Rerange 130 MSR SP has been developed to get down effectively through the water layers and trigger takes from deeper posted fish. The lure can get down 2m 50 and can attract fish lying 7-8m deep below it. Gives off plenty of vibrations and it shifts a lot of water as it swims. The sides sparkle as they move giving off plenty of visual stimulus. The patented weight transfer system consisting of a cylinder of tungsten in a plastic tube is capable of reaching long distances on the cast so you can keep your boat a good distance from any wary fish. Originally designed for bass fishing this lure will work its magic on big perch and pike.

ArtikelEanActieKleurModelGrootte (mm)Gewicht (g)DiepteHaak
626233297830626235RollingShine KatanaSuspending13022.71-1.50mST36BC #4 / ST36BC #4 / ST36BC #4
626243297830626242RollingBoneSuspending13022.71-1.50mST36BC #4 / ST36BC #4 / ST36BC #4
626253297830626259RollingHL Ghost SmeltSuspending13022.71-1.50mST36BC #4 / ST36BC #4 / ST36BC #4
626263297830626266RollingGhost Chart BackSuspending13022.71-1.50mST36BC #4 / ST36BC #4 / ST36BC #4
626273297830626273RollingHL CrownSuspending13022.71-1.50mST36BC #4 / ST36BC #4 / ST36BC #4
626283297830626280RollingSecret IwashiSuspending13022.71-1.50mST36BC #4 / ST36BC #4 / ST36BC #4



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Shine Katana, Bone, HL Ghost Smelt, Ghost Chart Back, HL Crown, Secret Iwashi


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