Illex Riser Bait 009P

Illex Riser Bait 009P


Artikelnummer: 68016/30-20


The Riser Bait 009P is a flapper-style popper bait featuring a metal bib that generates its unique erratic action. The perforated mouth produces tiny pops and a stream of bubbles through the water imitating the commotion of fleeing prey fish. Popper style baits work best when fish chase fast moving baits and this one is no exception-ideal for targeting surface feeding perch, black bass, pike and even bay tarpon and trevally. The bubble stream confuses attacking fish that will have a go even if the lure is bigger than the average size of prey fish. A great lure for tricky weather conditions as it is dense and casts well even into headwinds. Perfect for working shallow bays and beaches. A great lure for all actively feeding predators!

ArtikelEanActieKleurModelGrootte (mm)Gewicht (g)DiepteHaak
680163297830680169Splash, SkatingUV Secret Bright KodachiZinkend8522Surface / Sub-SurfaceST36MF#5 / ST36MF#5
680173297830680176Splash, SkatingBoneZinkend8522Surface / Sub-SurfaceST36MF#5 / ST36MF#5
680183297830680183Splash, SkatingGhost Chart BackZinkend8522Surface / Sub-SurfaceST36MF#5 / ST36MF#5
680193297830680190Splash, SkatingHL Ghost SmeltZinkend8522Surface / Sub-SurfaceST36MF#5 / ST36MF#5
680203297830680206Splash, SkatingSecret IwashiZinkend8522Surface / Sub-SurfaceST36MF#5 / ST36MF#5
680213297830680213Splash, SkatingHL CrownZinkend8522Surface / Sub-SurfaceST36MF#5 / ST36MF#5



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UV Secret Bright Kodachi, Bone, Ghost Chart Back, HL Ghost Smelt, Secret Iwashi, HL Crown


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