Illex Spinvido 70 SP

Illex Spinvido 70 SP


Artikelnummer: 65594/42-20


Deigned to target deep posted predators the Spinvido 70 SP is great at fooling perch, zander, black bass and trout into having a go. Twitching and jerking the lure generates a dynamic swimming action. The bib lets you work the lure straight back without excessive vibrations on the rod tip. The weight transfer system means you can cast this lure a long way surprisingly easily!

ArtikelEanActieKleurModelGrootte (mm)Gewicht (g)DiepteHaak
655943297830655945Tight RollingNF AbletteSuspending705.21.20-1.50mRB-M #10 / RB-M #10
655953297830655952Tight RollingBoneSuspending705.21.20mRB-M #10 / RB-M #10
655963297830655969Tight RollingNF AyuSuspending705.21.20-1.50mRB-M #10 / RB-M #10
655973297830655976Tight RollingHL Ghost SmeltSuspending705.21.20-1.50mRB-M #10 / RB-M #10
655983297830655983Tight RollingGhost BluegillSuspending705.21.20-1.50mRB-M #10 / RB-M #10
655993297830655990Tight RollingUV Secret Gold BaitFishSuspending705.21.20-1.50mRB-M #10 / RB-M #10
656003297830656003Tight RollingPerchSuspending705.21.20-1.50mRB-M #10 / RB-M #10
656013297830656010Tight RollingMat TigerSuspending705.21.20-1.50mRB-M #10 / RB-M #10



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NF Ablette, Bone, NF Ayu, HL Ghost Smelt, Ghost Bluegill, UV Secret Gold Baitfish, Perch, Mat Tiger


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