Preston Competition Pro Roost – Standard


Preston Competition Pro Roost – Standard

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The Competition Pro Standard Roost is the perfect rod and top kit storage solution. This 4 legged roost with extending legs is perfect for use with all types of rods and pole top kits, as well as number 4’s and 5’s.

The extending legs makes it incredibly versatile when on the bank or in wading situations. Another key feature of the Competition Pro Roost Standard is the secure self locking leg design, this locks out securely and keeps both the roost and your tackle safe.

Featuring 12 EVA slots makes it ideal for large amounts of top kits or a few well-spaced rods.

Key Features;

  • 12 EVA roost heads (perfect for top kits & rods)
  • Positive Self Locking Leg Design
  • 4 Extendable support legs
  • Lay-Flat Design
  • Ultra stable construction




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