Preston Offbox 36 Snaplok Tool Bar


Preston Offbox 36 Snaplok Tool Bar

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Tell Me About It

An easy way to ramp up your match fishing, the Preston OffBox 36 Snap Lok Tool Bar is the ultimate match and coarse fishing accessory, giving you a versatile, user friendly tool bar which is designed to fit across the front of your seat box footplate, and offers an ideal attachment point for keepnets, pole socks, and other match angling essentials.

Thanks to Preston’s Snap Lok technology, you are able to leave the main knuckles of this tool bar attached to your footplate legs, which saves you time and hassle, freeing you up to focus on your fishing.

This accessory bar is supplied with 30 and 25mm round inserts, and 23mm OffBox inserts, giving you enhanced performance and complete flexibility wherever you’re fishing.

What Discipline Is It For?

While this is primarily a match-fishing accessory, the more active coarse anglers among you might also find it handy for river fishing.

Why Should I Buy It?

If you’re looking for an effective, affordable way to keep things organised out on your peg, then this Snap Lok Tool Bar from Preston is the way forward. Keepnets, particularly, can take up a lot of space that you don’t always have available to you, so being able to attach them to your seatbox’s footplate is a stroke of genius on Preston’s part, and can make your competitive angling a faster, safer sport, with a more organised, clearer peg allowing you greater focus, and swifter, sharper action.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Snap Lok makes it easy to set up and pack down many Preston seat box accessories, giving you more time to fish, and, hopefully, resulting in better catches on any venue.




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